The Messy Table with Mary Kuti [Ep. 35: Renewing Your Mind + Marriage]

What would it take to actually renew your mind? What kind of mind shift has the power to yield massive results—even restore a marriage? If you’re facing the impossible or ready to throw in the towel, my friend Mary Kuti has BEEN THERE.

Mary is wife to her worship-pastor husband, Chris, and mama to two handsome boys + one brand spankin’ new baby girl who just made her grand debut last week. Together, Chris and Mary lead one of our Life.Church locations in powerful worship every single week. But, as usual, there’s a story behind the glory.

In this episode, Mary is chatting with Cindy Beall and I about something incredibly messy that happened early on in their marriage, when two people running in opposite directions eventually led to unfaithfulness. BUT GOD. By His grace, God didn’t allow their story to end there. Today, Mary is offering gobs of learned wisdom, timeless tips, and buckets of hope for allowing God to renew ALL THE THINGS. Will you join us?!


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Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken | Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New

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Jenn Jewell
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Jenn Jewell is a pastor's wife, mama to two, and blogger of God's ridiculous grace. She's constantly chasing hard questions and wild children, as well as reminding herself (and others) what really matters. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to raid the fridge, kick off your shoes, and stay as long as you'd like.


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