Episode #10: Panel Q&A // The Messy Table Podcast

Today marks the TENTH episode at The Messy Table! And though it might not sound like much to you, this small milestone means I haven’t quit yet and that ten beautifully messy conversations have taken place—which I pray have encouraged you, reminded you what really matters, and pointed you back to God.

To celebrate, we’re taking it up a notch. I’ve asked four of my people—Jessica Geras, Kat Robinson, Rachel Ricker, and LaTonya Pratt—to join me for a little Q&A. More affectionately known as The Panel (and you’ll hear why), these sweet and sassy mamas divulge all kinds of secrets on marriage, motherhood, and ministry, as well as some mistakes and messes made along the way.

You might feel like you’re sitting at a messy table with friends, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. So whether you’re driving to an appointment, folding laundry, taking your lunch break, meandering through the grocery store, working out, or hiding in the bathroom from your children, we invite you to grab (or reheat) your coffee, pop in those earbuds, and join us at The Messy Table.


Desert Song by Hillsong United — “All of my life, in every season, you are still God, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship…”

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Jenn Jewell is a pastor's wife, mama to two, and blogger of God's ridiculous grace. She's constantly chasing hard questions and wild children, as well as reminding herself (and others) what really matters. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to raid the fridge, kick off your shoes, and stay as long as you'd like.


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