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How do you respond to stress? Do you jump into “busy mode,” retreat in isolation, scream at the top of your lungs, or keep calm and carry on?

Today at The Messy Table, Cindy Beall and I are chatting with the lovely Tiffany Cooper. Tiffany is a pastor’s wife, mama of four, and co-founder of People’s Church with her hubby, Herbert Cooper. In this episode, Tiffany’s sharing how she’s responded both poorly and productively to messy seasons of life, and some wisdom she’s gained along the way. “If you don’t quit, you win,” she encourages the gal who’s ready to give up.

“If you don’t quit, you win.” —Tiffany Cooper

This is the grand finale for 2018, friends, and we are grateful for YOU. From our messy table to yours, we want to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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Well, Thanksgiving is officially over and the Christmas season is here! But as my wise friend, Andra Pinkston, points out on today’s episode at The Messy Table: “We spend the next month overspending, overeating, and overcommitting ourselves—then we expect to fix it all in January.”

But, instead, what if we put ourselves on the offensive vs. the defensive? What if we prepare our hearts + minds to create life-giving boundaries, pursue financial freedom, and still cultivate a meaningful Christmas without breaking the bank?

“Jesus’ sacrifice was too great for us to live an enslaved life.” —Andra Pinkston

Andra is a pastor’s wife, boy-mama of three, work-from-home CPA, and a homeschooling mastermind. She and her husband, Greg, have weathered the narrow path to becoming debt-free, and she’s generously sharing some of her learned insight with us today. Y’all, I love this chat and I love, love, love her. So pop in those earbuds, grab your peppermint mocha, and join us at The Messy Table!


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No need for coffee today, friends—our favorite Aussie is in the house! When Christine Caine was recently in town pouring wisdom into our Life.Church staff + spouses, as well as speaking to our entire church, Amy Groeschel and I got to steal her away for a face-to-face chat at The Messy Table.

Y’ALL. If you want some tools to help you LIVE UNASHAMED from guilt + condemnation, if you want permission to RUN UNAPOLOGETICALLY into your God-given purpose—this episode is for you! Note: Exclusive confessions and book-giveaway details are toward the end, so don’t sell yourself short.

We’re so grateful for the integrity, humility, and perseverance of both Chris and Nick. We’re thankful for their ministries: A21, Propel Women, Zoe Church. I’ve already submitted a request to be their neighbor in heaven. We know you’ll be so blessed by this episode, so pull up a chair and join us!


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Some goodbyes are expected and necessary, while others are abrupt and excruciating. At one point or another, we’ve all faced goodbye—to a season, relationship, or dream.

In this soul-piercing episode at The Messy Table Podcast, Rachel Leslie is sharing her perspective on embracing goodbye. Goodbye to a fabricated perfection and filtered dreams. Goodbye to striving for God’s approval instead of basking in His grace. And a heart-wrenching goodbye like no other—to her precious daughter, Audrey Claire, who graced this world for 81 days.

Though it’s not goodbye forever, it is goodbye for now. Yet Audrey’s legacy, through her mama’s words, somehow gives us a glimpse into heaven, a spark of clarity, and the vital reminder that this world is not our home.


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