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Lifeguards are scanning pools and blowing whistles during this final stretch of summer. Pencils are being sharpened and folders are getting tucked into school backpacks. Projects are both winding down and gearing up. The shifting of seasons is upon us. 

This time of the year is extra busy, extra chaotic, and well—just extra. That’s why The Messy Table Podcast is intentionally taking this week “off,” to make room for catching up, breathing deep, and binge-listening to past conversations you might’ve missed. Now is the time to catch up! 

Our fall lineup (rolling out August 21st!) is loaded with amazing women + life-giving encouragement. But it would be a shame to put the cart before the horse and pass up on all kinds of goodness, now wouldn’t it? You can see the full list of episodes in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, OR click on an individual episode below. Also, be sure to follow @themessytablepodcast on Instagram and join our email list!

The Messy Table Podcast

Episode 1: LaTonya Pratt [Choosing to be Present]

Episode 2: Kat Robinson [Trusting God with Your Kids]

Episode 3: Whitney Reid [Overcoming Anxiety]

Episode 4: Lisa Pinnell [Innovation + Beginnings]

Episode 5: Ashley Armstrong [Where Faith + Fitness Collide]

Episode 6: Kacie Frazier [Unraveled + Redeemed]

Episode 7: Tanner Cangelosi [Messy Beautiful Motherhood]

Episode 8: Nicole Dawson [A Recipe for Grace]

Episode 9: Allie Weig [A Resurrected Perspective]

Episode 10: The Panel [Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry, Mess]

Episode 11: Cindy Beall [Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New]

Episode 12: Lauren McAfee [A Lasting Legacy + Museum of the Bible]

Episode 13: Gina Postier [Infertility + Abundance]

Episode 14: Amy Groeschel [Carried by Hope]

Episode 15: Jenny Collier [Fashion, Faith + Freedom]

Episode 16: Ellie Berry [Exposing Your True Identity]

Episode 17: Britton Bill [Going Beyond Surface Level]

Episode 18: Divina Bruss [Wrestling with Truth]

Episode 19: Amanda Taylor [Persevering Through Postpartum Psychosis]

Episode 20: The Village [God-Centered Friendships]

Episode 21: Lindsay Torres [#MeToo]

Episode 22: Jenn Jewell [Anchored to Eternity]

Episode 23: Shanna Crawford [Scandalous Grace]

Episode 24: Ruth Russo [Trusting God in the Dark]

Episode 25: Sandra Stanley [Breathing Room]

Episode 26: Tina LaTurno [Just Win the Day]

Episode 27: Lori Wilhite [Fighting from Victory]

Episode 28: Trish Helsel [A Story of Authenticity + Courage]

Episode 29: Mandy Meehan [Overcoming Chronic Illness]

Episode 30: Jess Penick [Uncovering God’s Best]

Episode 31: Laynie Travis [Trading Fear for Faith]

Episode 32: Sharon Hester [Crossing Lines + Building Bridges]

Episode 33: Derek Jewell [A Man’s Perspective on Marriage + Parenting]

Episode 34: Lisa Bevere [Adamant: Finding Truth in a Universe of Opinions]

Episode 35: Mary Kuti [Renewing Your Mind + Your Marriage]

Episode 36: Anita Wyatt [A Relentless Pursuit]

Happy listening, y’all!

Welcome to The Messy Table! An ordinary space for real women, imperfect stories, and the God who’s at work in our mess. Today’s guest for Episode 36 is the brave and beautiful Anita Wyatt—wife to one, mom of 6, lover of the outdoors, and a woman who’s not afraid to join God in the greatest mission on earth.

Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God
Oh, it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine
I couldn’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it, still, You give Yourself away
Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury // Bethel Music

Anita and her husband Wayne have not only adopted a precious boy from Ukraine with special needs, but they’ve also pursued his biological mother—who they discovered was living in a pig barn in exchange for a meal a day and a roof over her head. “Not on their watch,” they decided. Join us as we uncover this unconventional story of God’s relentless love!

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What would it take to actually renew your mind? What kind of mind shift has the power to yield massive results—even restore a marriage? If you’re facing the impossible or ready to throw in the towel, my friend Mary Kuti has BEEN THERE.

Mary is wife to her worship-pastor husband, Chris, and mama to two handsome boys + one brand spankin’ new baby girl who just made her grand debut last week. Together, Chris and Mary lead one of our Life.Church locations in powerful worship every single week. But, as usual, there’s a story behind the glory.

In this episode, Mary is chatting with Cindy Beall and I about something incredibly messy that happened early on in their marriage, when two people running in opposite directions eventually led to unfaithfulness. BUT GOD. By His grace, God didn’t allow their story to end there. Today, Mary is offering gobs of learned wisdom, timeless tips, and buckets of hope for allowing God to renew ALL THE THINGS. Will you join us?!


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You guys! Today’s episode at The Messy Table is straight FIRE. Lisa Bevere is chatting with Amy Groeschel and I about how God is using her past and present messes for His glory, plus her latest book, Adamant: Finding Truth in a Universe of Opinions.

“When I have an encounter with Jesus, I have an encounter with Truth.” —Lisa Bevere

Lisa is the wife of John Bevere, mama to four grown boys, co-founder of Messenger International, a New York Times bestselling author and stunning blend of both sugar + spice. I pray that we’ll all be a little closer to the Truth (Jesus!) at the end of this powerful episode. So grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and join us!


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